Liquid 2 Lip Brands, established in 2017, is an importer and distributor of premium alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Our sole objective is to enhance consumer choice by bringing ground breaking, innovative and award-winning brands from across the world to the South African market.

Liquid 2 Lip Brands’ primary focus is on craft liquor distillers, where the brands are fresh, original and have unique identities. It is not only the brand or liquid that is important in our choice, but also the background, ingredients, personality as well as the culture of the brand. We have dedicated our time to build a portfolio of brands, that we as consumers will buy.
Jacques Botha

Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Henry Kroukamp

Chief Operating Officer
Neil de Waal

General Manager: Inland
Our aim is to play an integral part in the development of capabilities and growth of the drinks industry as a profession. This led to the incorporation of ODK puree’s and syrups to our portfolio with a goal of providing an extension range of products that will lead to an increase in creativity, innovation in mixology.
By keeping our business simplistic and inclusive, we can achieve very high levels of flexibility, productivity, and an optimal innovative environment. Our mission and objective is to maintain optimal and transparent joint business partnership, by taking an vested interest in the commercial success of all involved in our brands. We aim to build long-term commercial relationships, by means of joint business planning we unlock additional business development and growth opportunities for our customers and vendors.
To the industry

Trading and development, barmen & bar lady mentoring and career development, by means of our training division called “Barsmith”. Innovation of beverage categories, commitment, involvement and partner in flair – for – life social responsibility initiatives that aids and supports those in need operating in our industry. We endeavour to partner with individuals that are true influencers and industry innovators. As a company, we represent several brands managed / owned or created by women, and our ongoing mission is to assist with the exposure and standing of women in our industry.

Our human capital objectives

To embrace all individuals, no matter your preferences, social, ethnic or religious beliefs. We support individuality, after all that IS what makes craft so special. We endeavour to create an environment of energy, trust, creativity and happiness.

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